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It all started back in 2006 after the fire on the Vacuum distillation unit at the refinery in Mazeikiai, Lithuania. Fire caused the main Vacuum distillation column to collapse onto the heat exchange train. The unit was shut down completely and the refinery was left running at a much reduced capacity. 


Disaster turned into a great opportunity for engineering companies to prove oneself. That’s where Henczke Budownictwo stepped in, an engineering company that derived from Prosynchem Fluor, then Stangpol. Henczke Budwonictwo fulfilled its commitments to the refinery in Mazeikiai. On Sunday, January 20, 2008, Mazeikiu Nafta refinery recommissioned the Vacuum Distillation Tower. The Company started up the unit immediately after completion of tying-in the rebuilt Vacuum Distillation Tower to the Refinery’s other process units.

Vacuum distillation unit rebuild became an extreme challenge for the team due to the complexity of the design work, tight schedules and deadlines. Rough conditions helped to built up a solid fearless team that would carry out solution for a complex task in a professional manner which eventually helped Henczke Budownictwo to establish itself in the Lithuanian oil refining market.

After an abundance of work came a lull, which led to a change in the company's management as well as change of the company name. Henczke Budownicwto became Hemex and in less than a year becomes CKTiS. Change of the company’s management continued throughout the year. Company passed from one hand to another bringing down financial position of the company, as well as the mood of the team. Three engineers that formed a backbone of the company decided to take matters into their own. In July 2013 D2RT’ engineering came on the scene. New outlook with the same fearless team inside.   


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