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Development of the Piping & Instrument Diagram (P&ID) based on the Process Flow Diagram followed by preparation of the line list and instrument list. Creation of dynamic Piping & Instrument Diagram (P&ID) within CADWorx P&ID and Intergraph SmartPlant environment. Process flow evaluation of complex pipe networks.


• Control valve sizing calculations and Data sheet preparation.

• Safety valve sizing calculations and Data sheet preparation. 

• Selection of Equipment and Accessories.

• Flow orifice sizing calculation and Data sheet preparation.

• Restricted orifice sizing calculations and Data sheet preparation.

• Process Data sheets for Instruments.

• Process Review of equipments.

• HAZOP and Design reviews.

• Pressure drop calculations and Pump / Compressor head determination.

• Equipment (Pump/Compressor, Storage tanks, Heat Exchangers, Pressure vessels, Process columns, Reactors, etc.) sizing calculations and Data sheet preparation.




Utilization of Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments for evaluation of in-service pressure containing equipment that involves:

• Evaluation of in-service pressure containing equipment using original construction code; 

• Evaluation by means of design-by-analysis (ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 2) methods in case equipment does not satisfy criteria of design-by-rules methods.


Such evaluation helps to optimize maintenance and operation of existing facilities, maintain availability of older plants, and enhance long-term economic viability.

Comprehensive evaluation of the piping systems to international codes and standards. Remaining life establishment and in-service margins for continued operation of the piping. 




Redesign of second-hand equipment to meet the requirements of altered process or process parameters different from the ones established by original design. Preparation of passports for in-service or new pressure equipment. 

Design of new and replacement pressure vessels and equipment for various applications. Data sheet preparation and evaluation of third party designs.



Design of supporting structures, pipe racks, service platforms, stacks and other civil structures related to piping, tanks and pressure vessels.


Piping, equipment and structural modeling within 2D/3D CAD environment that would help:

• review and improve design before erection;

• plan construction activities;

• plan maintenance and operation activities;

• recognize potential hazardous arrangements;

• train operators.



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